Thematic Variety. Endless Adventure.

Move, drive, jump, float, shoot, punch, climb, and charm your way through another exciting series of roll-and-write adventures set in the “modern” world.

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What is the Roll-With-It System?

A solitaire, modular roll-and-write game system packaged into three thematic series:

Fantasy (2023), Modern (2024), & Sci-Fi (2025).

Crunchy Strategy.

Just roll your dice and decide what actions to take with them!

If only it were that simple. Choosing the BEST way to use your dice is where the real strategy lies.

6 Modules, High Variety.

Each module offers a new way to play, building on the flexible basic rules to create a fresh experience and new challenges.

"If you are looking for something puzzley, you can unwind with, plays quickly, challenging, and good use of luck mitigation, look into the Roll-With-It System!"

-The Dungeon Dive

How is the Gameplay?

Check out a playthrough of Chapter One of Fortress of Terror, the first module in the Roll-With-It Fantasy series, to get a glimpse at how the basic rules structure works.

All modules have a similar basic round structure, but add new rules and thematic concepts to make each module feel like a new and different game.

The RWI Modern series will use this basic system rules set, but then take off with all new content and aspects of gameplay!

Accessibility Options

Print the adventure sheets and grab some dice.

You can print the rulebook and cards too, or simply view a PDF of the rulebook and access all cards digitally via the      Tabletop Simulator module.

Use Your Own Dice

You will need to provide your own pencil/pen and 8 dice:

  • Four 6-sided dice (white)

  • One 6-sided die (red)

  • One 6-sided die (blue)

  • One 4-sided die (any color)

  • One 12-sided die (any color)

Alternatively, you can use digital dice, available online.

The Kickstarter campaign successfully funded!

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