Your settlement is the last hope for survival -

but only if you can HOLD OUT.

A settlement-management game for solitaire play in an easy-to-build print-and-play format.

Designer’s Log: Holdout


The game is finished and currently enjoying a round of “blind” playtesting. The Kickstarter campaign page has been approved by KS and is set to launch on Tuesday, June 6. I have some nice little additions in mind for stretch goals.


Holdout is 95% complete in the design phase. We are playtesting the different events and scenarios, as well as beginning to make some adjustments to the graphic design for ease in play. The settlement map and iconography are complete as of yesterday, and very evocative of the theme. About to begin the third and final stage of the artwork, as well as finishing up in-house playtesting. Hopefully, we will be able to begin blind-playtesting in a week or so.


The game is 90% complete. Lots of playtesting going on in-house to get things spinning smoothly. Making small tweaks in some of the “extras” now. The cover art is finished as of yesterday, and it looks fantastic. It’s beginning to look like a June 2023 Kickstarter campaign, with a July 2023 release of the print-and-play files.

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