Our Games are Available in

Digital (Print-and-Play) and Physical Versions.

RWI Fantasy Series: (PnP)

Get the entire Roll-With-It Fantasy series (all 6 modules) in a downloadable, printable format at a discounted price!

RWI Fantasy Series:

Boxed Set

A complete boxed set with all content from the Roll-With-It Fantasy Series!

Includes all six modules from the series, complete with:

  • 7 Printed rulebooks

  • Dice

  • 7 Dry-erasable adventure sheets

  • 200+ high-quality cards with linen-finish

  • A beautiful game box to store all your content!

Promo: The Humble Bard (Companion)

A nifty special Companion with an assortment of bard songs. Choose a song for him to play at the start of each round that gives you different special abilities!

Includes a double-sided card along with a shiny cube to track your songs. Not included with any other set.

Holdout: (PnP)

This is a set of downloadable PDF files for this solitaire, resource-management game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Holdout: (Board Game)

Get a physical copy of the game with:

  • Rulebook (8 pages)

  • Game Board (18x18 inches)

  • Phase token

  • Round token

  • 12 Resource/Mishap cubes

  • 1 Event cube

  • 20 Encounter cubes

  • 14 Structure tokens

  • 18 dice (16mm, d6)

  • 12 Event cards (Euro Poker, 63 x 88mm)

  • 6 Scenario cards (Euro Poker, 63 x 88mm)

  • 8 Encounter cards (Jumbo, 89 x 140mm)

  • Game Box


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