Roll-With-It Fantasy FAQ

Due to the great amount of detail and crossover present throughout all the modules, it is inevitable that a few questions will arise on how to apply certain rules.

If you have such a question, check the FAQ below for the appropriate module and look for the answer to your question.

If you do not see your question/answer, please click the SUBMIT A QUESTION button, name the module and ask your question, and it will be addressed and added to this FAQ to help everyone!

Basic Rules FAQ

Q: The Luck Die modifies another die in your pool. Can another die modify the Luck Die for a new result?

A: No. The Luck Die only modifies another die, not the other way around.

Q: When Relics are destroyed or lost on the adventure sheet, which Relic card(s) are removed from the deck?

A: None. Relics are never "realized" until you collect them, at which point you gain a random Relic card. A "Lost" item is Lost on the adventure sheet, not from the deck. The deck simply serves as a random generator and the card is a physical reminder of the Relic you collected.

Fortress of Terror FAQ

Q: Can you clarify how dice are used to open and move through doors?

A: Here is an example: First die: move to be adjacent to door. Second die: open door (no movement) Third die: move through door.

Temple of Despair FAQ

Maze of the Minotaur FAQ

Q: In Chapter Two, there are no Crumbling Path lines drawn. Are the X’s drawn as Traps also considered Crumbling Paths?

A: No. Despite the ambiguity in the Crumbling Paths: Special Rule box, there are no Crumbling Paths in Chapter Two.

Lake of the Dragon FAQ

Q: When I am asked to discard a Relic card (such as when using Nikarik), where does it go?

A: Simply discard a Relic from your hand to the Relic discard pile.

Pyramid of the Mummy FAQ

Mines of Darkness FAQ



Q: What does “discard any 2 dice from your pool” mean?

A: Discard any 2 dice in your pool (e.g., 1 white + Luck die, 2 white, Orb and Combat, etc.). Then, move normally using the value on the Doom die. This is not an activation, just simply do the instructions on the card as written.





Q: Sekhmet’s ability is to “deal up to 6 damage to an enemy, then suffer -2 Fortitude. If I use her in Fortress of Terror and finish off Bram with her ability, would I ignore the -2 Fortitude loss that follows damaging him?

A: No. Thematically, since Sekhmet is doing a ferocious attack that damages both you and the enemy, you must suffer the -2 damage before ending the game.


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