You climb onto the back of the great gold dragon Cygnus and the creature soars into the air. In moments, you see the burning town of Joneville below, and Cygnus dives towards the earth. He makes a deft, soft landing on the edge of town, and you survey the scene. The villagers are no match for the marauding horde of monsters devastating their town. In the center of the town square is a large, shimmering portal, in front of which the shadow of a familiar being stands. Anger wells within you as you recognize the visage of Bram himself, standing before the entrance to the portal.

“Alas, Hero of Felwort, you are too late. You see, this world may have slipped from my grasp for now, but where I go, you cannot follow. Things will be different when I return - and then I will deal with you and your hopeless friends.”

With that, Bram steps through the portal, and it begins to close. You wish to follow him, but you cannot leave these people to suffer. You quickly move to dispatch the fiendish creatures.

Using the RWI Fantasy Adventure Sheet (MoD), draw in the elements of the map shown below.

Your only goal is to defeat ALL monsters. The other general rules for this module, including the use of the Doom cards, are still to be used.

When you have defeated all the Monsters without your Fortitude reaching zero, or needing to increase your Disease past 10, you win!

Click the black box link below.

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