You reach a place you had once been…a place you had hoped to never see again.

The gates open to reveal four cloaked figures with their robes embroidered with their initials once again: GB, CR, YCL, and JMH. “The next key can be found in a long-lost military fortress that has sunk into the waters – one that has fallen into ruin, ravaged by water and time. The damage done to the metal walls of this now partially-underground fortification has created new access points that were not there before that you may use to enter. Deduce the four-word phrase that is the key to its location and you will be able to search for it. Once you have reached it, speak the phrase aloud to enter.”

When you think you know the destination the robed figure has asked you to reach, play the game normally on the Overland Map, moving to that location and stopping instantly when reaching it. When you reach the destination square, stop moving. Leave your Dice Pool remaining exactly as it is - you will not reset your dice when moving on.

Upon reaching the destination, follow the URL in the black box below, but add the four-word phrase the robed figure spoke of to the end of the URL.

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