As you speak the correct answer to the riddle, the doors to the crypt open with a creak. The robed figures point towards the doorway. “You must find two Keystones here. They lie on the tombstones of the two who were family.”

You notice that the robed figures have their initials on their robes again: PBA, CB, RB, AJUJ, and JW. What have they not told you?

If you complete this Scene:

You stand before three robed figures (initials are EZ, PE, and HFL). “A mighty weapon is needed to succeed in your final task here. A weapon of old, legendary, having been birthed of rock and water. One of your companions has been given this weapon, and will pass it on to you, if you can but name this companion and the weapon in the correct number of words.”

Follow the URL in the black box below, but add the phrase that is the answer to the robed figure’s riddle to the end of the URL.

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