As you speak the correct answer to the riddle, Ariadne appears, and hands you a mighty sword (you may take the Smiting Sword, which acts as red or blue die per its ability). In addition, she gives you any other two relics from the Relic deck of your choice. Ignore the rest of her normal ability.

After this, three beasts fly down from the sky and take their places, standing next to the three robed figures and Ariadne. Ariadne speaks, “You have proven your strength and bravery. Now it is time to demonstrate your wisdom. Choose which of these three will be your mount, and speak the correct phrase to begin your final task. The 7-word phrase itself will give you your final destination.”

On the wings of the creatures are many initials:


Follow the URL in the black box below, but add the phrase that is the correct 7-word phrase to the end of the URL.

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